I hope you enjoy my books.  My whole heart went in to each one and the intention is for you, the reader, to gain helpful knowledge that will enhance some portion of your life.  If you wouldn't mind, I would always welcome your Amazon review and would be extremely grateful for it.

Thanks for visiting my website and I will do my best to keep it up to date. 

Not Your Typical Prenatal Class

You don't even have to be pregnant!  This non traditional 3 hour class addresses everything from getting pregnant to giving birth. CLICK HERE for more info.
Public Speaking


With enough notice, I am available to speak for events, groups or conferences.  

Collaboration for Screen Writers and Authors


If you have a project that involves any aspect of Labor & Delivery, I would be happy to collaborate on your project.  After 30+ years, I have a knack and passion for it and I am sure I can bring some wisdom to the table.  

A Great BIG Thank You


I have always been surrounded by amazing family and friends.  Much of what I do reflects my life, happiness, and ability to do what keeps me fulfilled.  I highly recommend following your dreams and always reminding your children that they can do ANYTHING they set their sights to.  Thanks Mom & Dad.

I am grateful for a husband (Patrick) who supports my growth and "passion of the day", as I can be a bit all over the place .  My children (Josh & Samantha) make me so proud as they are truly good , kind and caring human beings.  I always remember saying, "Oh, this is my favorite age."  Funny thing is, I said it every year of their entire lives.  Even as adults, I LOVE being in their atmosphere and cherish every moment I can be.


To my work family and "girl trip" travel companions, you have been a part of some of my best and funniest moments.  You are food for my soul and as they say, "Laughter is the best medicine".  This is a tradition that should be adopted by all.  It's just healthy.

There is a young woman who constantly amazes me.  She is funny, exceptionally smart and extremely talented in everything she does.  She once worked for me, but I had to let her move on to much bigger and better things in Nashville as she is an amazing example of following your dreams.   Fortunately, she likes me and continues to help me with my book projects.  This is pure torture, I am sure, for a very busy girl but she stays with me.  Thank you Lindsey Wiler, for without you, these books would still be sitting in my google drive.