Labor & Delivery

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Inside Out


Hopefully, by now, you know about the birds and the bees. But, have you ever wondered about all that goes on behind the doors of a busy labor and delivery unit? If you love medical shows such as ER, Grey’s Anatomy or Chicago Med, you will surely love the Labor & Delivery version—real life unpredictability. Part comedy, part tragedy, and absolute reality. We have all lived through our own version of the PUSH and now it’s time to take a look from an insider's unique perspective. Whether you were a C-section or escaped via the vaginal route, PUSH is likely to give you a new appreciation for childbirth. This book was written for the layperson or labor coach, mom-to-be, labor nurse, midwife, resident and even obstetrician. For those of you that work within these walls, you will relate to many of these experiences. There are plenty of text books out there, and enough of "what to expect when you’re expecting," but PUSH brings a whole new insight to the world of birthing babies. PUSH delivers when it comes to fast paced information that will leave you feeling warm and fuzzy, gasping in horror, laughing out loud, or crying with some of the most heart wrenching stories.

"Best inside look at the wonderful world of Labor & Delivery"

"Could not put this book down! I finished it in one sitting."

"I'm so glad I read this before I delivered!  It made me far less anxious and far more prepared."

"As a new Labor & Delivery nurse, this was such a priceless addition to my education."


 Backed-Up Plumbing Got You Down?  More than 63 million people suffer from chronic constipation in the United States. 6.3 million have been seen for constipation in the ambulatory setting, while 700,000 have been hospitalized. Sadly, very few are able to resolve the issue. 

* Do you get constipated when you travel? 
* Can you go 2-3 days (or more!) without a bowel movement? 
* Have you tried many supplements, only to find they work for a short while--then don't? 
* Do you grind your teeth; have dark circles under your eyes; or a belly that frequently aches? 
* Do bunny pellets look familiar to you? 
* Do you suffer from constipated relationships, fear and anxiety, or tend to be too judgmental? 
* Have you even seen specialists and found little help? 

If you answered "yes" to any of the questions listed above, this book was written for you, with love. Cathi brings years of experience to your fingertips. Even the most stubbornly constipated individual will find help here.